New Hampshire Montessori Association

Annual Meeting

Saturday, May 30th, 2020


Held via Zoom


Board Members present: Laura Mammarelli (president), Juliet Fleisher (vice-president), Christine Brown (secretary).


Other attendees: Claire Doody, Anjali Longan, Joelle Huot, Helen Ballou, Susan DeMont.



Meeting called to order:

By Laura Mammarelli at 9:05 AM. Laura began with thanks to all for attending.



Secretary screen-shared a copy of the 2019 annual meeting minutes. Claire Doody made a motion to accept the minutes as presented. Juliet Fleisher seconded. Vote: Motion approved. Copies will be sent to all that requested them.


Election of officers:

This is for the remainder of the 2-year term, 2019-2021, for treasurer and membership coordinator, as Erin Woo and Barbara Mansfield are resigning due to other commitments, and for vice president, as Juliet is moving position. Call for candidates had been previously published via Constant Contact.


Slate of officers for election:

  • Treasurer: Juliet Fleisher
  • Membership: Kelly Evans
  • Vice -president: Anjali Longan


Chris Brown made a motion to accept the slate of officers as announced, Laura seconded. Vote: Motion approved.

There was also discussion on whether to create a position in NHMA for program organizer, who would research appropriate presenters and venues. Claire Doody expressed interest and will contact Laura to discuss more fully. There may also be a position created for advocacy as well. This will be discussed in future meetings.


Treasurer’s report:

Unavailable at this time. Juliet will contact Erin Woo to gather all NHMA account information and documentation, and send a treasurer’s report to members for approval via email.


New Business:

  • Weekly Zoom meetings: NHMA has started a weekly 40 minute zoom meetings for Montessori teachers, to provide networking opportunites for programs as they prepare for reopening under COVID-19 NH State recommendations. These are currently held every Thursday, at 4:30 PM. Contact Laura Mammarelli at to get the link to the meeting.


  • Montessori v Non-Montessori attendance at zoom meetings: Discussion on whether the membership were comfortable with including non-Montessori programs in the above meetings. Use of break-out rooms to facilitate different interests was a possibility going forward, and the consensus was that we would welcome all participants.


  • Use of presenters at the Thursday meetings: this was considered to be useful. Anyone with ideas can contact Laura.


  • Google Drive/Google Classroom:
    • Anjali, Helen, and Juliet all have some experience with using these tools and platforms for sharing of documents. Members are hoping that this will be a place to share templates for a variety of documents that all schools may need going forward. There is the opportunity for people to download for their own use, or edit as appropriate.
    • Next week’s Thursday meeting will be a basic introduction on these tools by members that already use them: Anjali has distributed a “practice” account for us to access and experiment with beforehand. Please note: this tutorial is for NHMA members to use it to collaborate, and is not intended as coaching for teachers to practice remote learning.
    • Members that are more comfortable with sharing only with a few people in NHMA will email their documents rather than placing them on Google Drive.




Meeting concluded at 10:15 AM

Respectfully submitted

Christine Brown, secretary, 5-30-2020
















New Hampshire Montessori Association

Annual Meeting

Saturday, May 12th, 2018


Held at Squam Lake Science Center,

Holderness, NH


Meeting called to order by Laura Mammarelliat 12:10 PM

Board Members present: Laura Mammarelli (president), Juliet Fleisher (vice-president), Christine Brown (secretary).

Other attendees: 21 (see attendance list)

Visitor: Scott Noyes (presenter)

Laura began with thanks to Scott Noyes for the presentation, Gail Bannon for providing refreshments, and to all for attending. She also gave a reminder that there is no voting for officers this year, as we are in the middle of a 2-year term.

  1. Review of minutes from 2017 meeting (after secretary finally found the copies and distributed them!). One correction: Spelling of Claire Doody’s name. Minutes accepted with correction.
  2. Treasurer’s report. Erin Woo, treasurer, was unable to attend and the report was unavailable. Laura will email it to all who request a copy.
  3. a) Old business: none
  4. b) October workshop. We will repeat this again, with the same format and the same location (Northend Montessori, in Manchester, NH). Laura asked anyone with suggestions for presenters and/or topics to email her ASAP.
  5. c) NHMA has a new email address. Laura is also available at


  1. d) DHSS has restarted their QRIS process. Juliet gave an overview of the original draft, and explained that the Montessori community is interested in contacting the state to resolve any points of possible contention in order to find common ground for waivers, or cross-walks between our Montessori curriculum/classrooms and the more conventional ones that the State is more familiar with. Thsi hopefully will eliminate some of the problems that some Montessori classrooms are having with individual licensors.

A committee has been formed, with Laura, Juliet, and Sarah Greenshields, of Little Tree Montessori. MPPI, a collaboration between AMS amd AMI, has issued a “ Montessori Essentials” document, which will form the basis of our discussion with the State.

Any other interested members can contact Laura. The next meeting, on May 22nd, is open to all.


  1. Other business:
  2. a) Facebook: Laura asked members their opinion on maintaining the NHMA Facebook page. Presently Claire Doody and Connie Mercer contribute a number of articles for use on the page. After some discussion, members decided to continue the page in its present format.


  1. b) The Science Center is sponsoring another Teachers Network Monarch Butterfly 2-day workshop, on July 28th and 29th. A number of previous participants explained how useful this workshop is, and how much can be gained by attending. The sign-up will be through the Science Center. Laura will post a flyer on constant contact.


  1. c) A variety of flyers available to members were at the sign in table, for the Science Center, NorthEast Montessori and Rising Stars programs, and Charles Terranova presentations. Members were encouraged to pick them up on the way out.


  1. d) Attendance certificates were available at the end of the workshop. They are certified by AMS and will count towards teachers’ recertification requirements.



Meeting concluded at 12:45pm


Submitted by Christine Brown (secretary)

May 12th, 2018








New Hampshire Montessori Association

Annual Meeting

Saturday, April 8th, 2017


Held at Cornerstone Montessori School

Stratham, NH


Meeting called to order by Laura Mammarelli at 12:30 PM


Board Members present: Laura Mammarelli (president), Juliet Fleisher (vice-president), Erin Woo (treasurer), Christine Brown (secretary), Barbara Mansfield (membership).


Other attendees: 26 (see attached attendance list)


Visitor: Charles Terranova (presenter)


  1. Review of minutes from 2016 meeting. One correction: Christine Brown listed as vice-president. She was the secretary. Minutes accepted with correction.


  1. Treasurer’s report (see attached). Income for the year was $3250. Total expenditure was $1394, leaving a net income of $1856. There is presently $4200 in our account.


  1. Old business:


  1. October workshop was very successful and Northend Montessori School, in Manchester NH, has offered their facility again. Laura will send out a request for any topics/presenters that the membership would like to see at this day-long conference. We are presently offering spring workshops on one subject, such as the Charles Terranova one on Sensorial and Math today but the October conference will offer a selection of 60-90 minute sessions, that members can attend either for a full day, or as individual sessions. A suggestion for more toddler/infant offerings was noted, and a reminder that Rising Stars, holding workshops at Gordon College in the summer, also did a infant/toddler session last summer.


  1. The Monarch Butterfly 2-day workshop, held at Clare Doody’s school in Amherst in August, had 22 participants, half of which were Montessori teachers. It is held at a difficult time for teachers getting ready for the new school year, but the timing is dependent on the Monarch butterfly season. It is our hope that we can get a large number of schools to partake in this kind of workshop and use the information to set up monarch butterfly-friendly environments, which would hopefully lead to an increase in their survival rate.


  1. Credentialing at the NH State level. Still to be put together. Christine Brown in charge of this initiative. One of our members had applied and been granted hers. The initial paperwork is somewhat onerous, but only needs to be done once. Help is mostly needed for deciphering the last section on competencies. The state is also offering a 2-part workshop on this same subject.


  1. A request for members to come together to form a committee to help pursue state recognition of elementary Montessori certification was put forward by Laura Mammarelli. Members are asked to contact her if interested. Kelly …. from Mountain View Montessori expressed willingness to be included.


  1. New Business:

A reminder was passed along that the new revised Child care Licensing Rules, which should be in place by September 2017 will require 24 hours of continuing education per year. 6 of these hours are to be in required health and safety online courses, which currently are to be done before the start of school in September. The Child Care Aware website has listings of accepted courses to complete these requirements, together with links. Click below for current information.


  1. Voting for officers:


This is for a new 2-year term, 2017-2019. All members had previously been informed of the current slate of candidates.


President: Laura Mamarelli

Vice -president: Juliet Fleisher

Treasurer: Erin Woo

Secretary: Christine Brown

Membership: Barbara Mansfield


All officers voted into above positions unanimously.


Meeting concluded at 12:55 PM


Submitted by Christine Brown, secretary

April 9th, 2017



Saturday, May 14th, 2016


Held at Cornerstone Montessori School

Stratham, NH


Meeting called to order by Laura Mammarelli at 12:15 PM

Board Members present:

Laura Mammarelli (president), Christine Brown (vice president), Erin Woo (treasurer), Barbara Mansfield (membership).



Juliet Fleisher (vice president)


Other members present:

Claire Doody, Jim Doody, Gail Bannon, approx 20 others. Attendance list attached.


Visitor: Charles Terranova (presenter)


  1. Review of minutes from 2015 meeting. One correction: Erin Woo is added as treasurer on the slate of officers for election. Minutes accepted with correction.


  1. Treasurer’s report. See attached. Present balance in NHMA account = $3619.04


  1. 2015 activities:


  1. December symposium. Laura described attending the MACTE symposium and taking part in a panel discussion on the NH acceptance of Montessori credentials in Washington DC.


  1. Teacher registration. Christine spoke on applying to the state for a Master teacher certification. She received hers and was happy to find the members of the state organization pleased that she did. She would like to encourage all NH Montessori members to go through the process and she would be happy to arrange workshops and send out information that would help members collect the information for their application.


  1. Montessori validation for elementary schools. Laura presented the idea that we try to work towards a similar recognition of our elementary training as we have achieved at the primary level. She will be asking for members to form a committee to study this.


  1. Northend Montessori annual workshop proposal. Susan Bradley, owner of the school, has offered her space to NHMA in October for a full day of workshops. There are plans to have a selection of workshops. One on teacher credential applications would be one possibility.


  1. Monarch Network information. Claire Doody explained the enormous benefits that this 2-day workshop will provide attendees, with a wealth of information, lesson plans and ideas across all areas of the curriculum, and the ability to join a large network of schools that all collaborate to increase the population and sustainability of Monarch butterflies. The workshop will be at her school in Amherst NH. The cost is $99 per person, and is paid directly to the Monarch Teachers Network.


  1.  Keene School of Montessori recently contacted area schools to conduct a salary study. Some of members participated. Laura asked the membership if there was interest in conducting one of our own. The general consensus was that it would be very difficult to pull out relevant information, as there are wide differences in various regions of New Hampshire, and that comparisons of salary therefore become somewhat irrelevant. The study will not be conducted.


Meeting adjourned at 12:50 pm


Submitted by Christine Brown, secretary

May 14th, 2016



New Hampshire Montessori Association

Annual Meeting

Saturday May 16th,  2015



Held at Squam Lake Association

Holderness, NH


Meeting called to order by Laura Mammarelli at 12:05 PM


Board members present:

Laura Mammarelli (president), Juliet Fleisher ( vice president), Christine Brown (secretary), Gail Bannon ( membership).



Erin Woo, treasurer.


Other members present:

Barbara Mansfield, Clare Doody, Jim Doody, Brianna Frost, Rachelle Pinault, Jordan McDaniel, Susan Curry, Jason Rand, Mantie Pilzer, Kelly Langley, Melissa Jerome, Amy Weston, Janice Nichipor, Joyce Whitney, Meg Jones and Matt Thornton.


Visitor: Christine Lowry, presenter.


Treasurer’s report: Unavailable. Laura Mammarelli will contact the Treasurer, Erin Woo, and email a copy of the report to members. We are in good financial standing.


Minutes from last meeting: Unavailable. Christine Brown, secretary, was unable to locate this document, until after the meeting.


Elections of officers:

Slate of officers presented for election for next 2 years:

Laura Mammarelli         President

Juliet Fleisher                Vice President

Christine Brown            Secretary

Barbara Mansfield        Membership

These officers will be presented to the membership via email, and will be voted on in that format.


Proposal to amend byelaws:

Clare Doody proposed to amend the mission statement to read:

“ NHMA will advocate for Montessori education at the local, state, and national level”.

Seconded by Juliet Fleisher

Unanimously accepted.

Laura Mammarelli will write out the appropriate request and forward it to the state for addition to our byelaws.


Old Business:

Clare Doody re-presented an invitation for us to partake in the Monarch Teachers Network. They provide workshops on how to use monarch butterflies as a teaching tool in classrooms.

Clare will research this further and send us the information.


New Business:

Proposal to increase collaboration:

Meg Jones requested that there be an opportunity to exchange information between particularly elementary Montessori teachers, possibly through the NHMA website (an equivalent of the TeachersPayTeachers that currently links public school teachers together) or by forming a group on Facebook.  It would require a new page or link on the website. Laura Mammarelli will research how easy that is to do.


Teacher credential and NHMA validation project:

A presentation of what QRIS is, and how it affects member schools, was given before the meeting. The acceptance of Montessori credentials and their entry into the teacher credential grid by the State of NH was described. It is proposed right now, but not yet finalized.

Once it is, members will be informed and encouraged to join the NH Registry, and apply for their own teacher credential.

The NHMA validation process is on-going. A survey containing the proposed standards was sent out to all members, but we would like more input. The survey will be resent, with a follow-up phone call to each school, if possible.

Members present at the meeting approved continuing the process.

Christine Brown will send out an update on what has been achieved so far, with links to useful websites, and a description of the proposed validation process.


New committees:

As work on QRIS and the validation project continue, NHMA will be looking for members to form committees to take part in the work. Invitations and opportunities will be sent via email.


Meeting adjourned at 12.25 PM


Submitted by Christine Brown, secretary

May 17th 2015

Annual Meeting and Montessori Advocacy Update
Saturday, May 16, 2015

9:00-12:00-What you need to know about Montessori Advocacy  ($30.00 to attend this half day session only)

12:15-12:45-Annual Meeting

Location:  Squam Lakes Association

534 US Route 3

Holderness NH 03245

Register:    Email to Laura at

If you pay ahead of the workshop, checks to

Erin Woo

2445 Main Street

Bethlehem NH 03574

Professional Development credits will be awarded for attendance.

9:00-12:00-What you need to know about Montessori Advocacy

The Time Is Now

This workshop will provide an overview of federal and state policies and initiatives having impact on Montessori education. We will discuss QRIS, environmental rating assessments, and recognition of the Montessori teacher credential. There are challenges we need to understand, but what are the opportunities for us, our schools, and for Montessori in our state and nationally?

You will learn about work being done by your state Montessori organization and how it connects with national organizations like the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE), AMS and AMI/USA, and the collaborative Montessori Public Policy Initiative.

The success of the New Hampshire Montessori Association on behalf of the Montessori credential placement on the state Career Ladder, and what this means for you will be explained. The New Hampshire state Validation Project is an exciting opportunity for Montessori schools. Learn more about the project and how you can participate.

We will end the morning with a participatory session to share concerns, answer questions, and how each one of us can be an advocate for high quality Montessori education.


Copyright Christine Lowry, M.Ed. 2015. All rights preserved.


12:15-12:45 Annual Meeting

  1. Introduce officers: Laura Mammarelli, president; Juliet Fleischer, vice president; Chris Brown, secretary; Erin Woo, treasurer; Gail Bannon, membership coordinator.
  2. Accept minutes of last meeting.
  3. Treasurer’s report.
  4. President’s report.
  5. Other business.
  6. Vote for officers.




Meeting on QRIS and Montessori validation Saturday 10/18/14 at Mid-State Montessori in Plymouth.

If you couldn’t make it, we are sorry you missed it, but please do a little research from the links below. QRIS in particular, and our own NH State Validation Project, are issues that are important to ALL Montessori schools in NH. We are eager to get input from everyone.
9:00 AM

The morning session, conducted by Kristin Booth, from the Child Development Bureau and the NH Department of Health and Human Services, gave us a detailed look at the Quality Rating and Improvement System, or QRIS, currently being developed in New Hampshire. Click on this link to see an outline of her presentation.

Along with many other states around the country, NH is looking to have all programs that serve children between birth and kindergarten participate in QRIS. It will apply to licensed, center-based early learning and development programs, including child care, Head Start, private and public preschools. Most of NH Montessori schools fall into that category. A 2-year project for the state, and still ongoing, it has long term goals of continuous quality improvement for programs and leading to children that are better prepared for success in school, who will in turn be more productive members of society.

For a comprehensive overview of the whole process, the NH QRIS Logic Model Template is a good place to start:

The rating system will be a points system, that will lead to a “star” rating, that prospective parents of a program can easily access and understand. Although many of the details are not finalized, and funding for implementation is still under discussion, Kristin and her department are giving access to their work up to the present date, to inform and educate programs, and gather feedback as they go forward. A draft of the QRIS Proposed Standards was distributed to attendees, and each section was reviewed and discussed. Setting standards is a fluid process, and there will be some changes over time, but NH is emphasizing the support that they intend to provide, alongside the challenges of meeting standards that improve our programs.

Anyone looking to have a copy of the QRIS Proposed Standards, please contact Christine Brown, at and she will send you one.

Working through the details, we highlighted areas that the Montessori community sees as needing to be discussed further. In particular were teacher qualifications, and use of the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale, known as ECERS. The web-based Montessori group, Montessori Forward, is a good resource on these issues. NHMA is already in contact with this organization and is receiving input on how to proceed on these issues.

Presently, NH still has a Licensed Plus system on place, that Montessori schools may explore as an intermediate step on the Improvement continuum. It involves mostly program business and administration documentation, and could be a way for programs to be eligible for reimbursements from the state.

We can also be part of the Leadership Collaboratives or Directors Groups that have meetings regularly, courtesy of your local Child Care Resources and Referral (CCR&R). This is a great way of connecting to the wider child care population, linking to the various state agencies, and hearing about changes in state policy. They also organize a number of very cost-appropriate trainings for teachers and assistants. Got to get those hours!
11.30 AM

Laura Mammarelli, president of NHMA, then presented an overview of the work that is ongoing between NHMA and Montessori Forward, and our primary contact there, Christine Lowry. In many states, there is a movement to produce a state validation project. This consists of organizations such as ours (NHMA) creating their own validation procedure for all Montessori schools in e.g. NH, and the state then having a benchmark by which to accept the term Montessori as a valid baseline for a certain set of standards. Maryland, in conjunction with the state of MD, has already done this, and the documents are available on Montessori Forward.

NHMA would like to do this for ourselves. It will be generated by a committee of NH Montessori teachers, and then submitted to NH for their approval. It is in our best interests as well, as it then gives prospective parents a way to gauge the authenticity of Montessori programs throughout NH. And it will also hopefully lead to a more productive discussion with the State of NH on some of the more contentious parts of QRIS for the Montessori community. We are hoping to coordinate some of the work with other New England states, and may arrange a visit from personnel at Montessori Forward as well.

We are calling for interested members to join our committee. Anyone who would like more information on the kind of commitment this may entail (no commitment for asking!) should contact Laura Mammarelli, at .



The NHMA held their annual meeting in Meredith on August 16, 2013.
Five members of the Executive Board were present.

1. Officers voted in:
President: Laura Mammarelli
Vice President:  Juliet Fleischer
Secretary:  Christine Brown
Treasurer:  Erin Woo
Membership Coordinator: Gail Bannon
2. Possible presenters for upcoming workshops were discussed and we decided on two for an October 19th presentation: Claire Doody, on the Montessori Language curriculum, and Cynthia Robertson on teaching art techniques. Laura requests that any members that have workshop suggestions, to please contact her.
3. We planned our annual meeting for 2014 on April 12th, in conjunction with another workshop.
4. We voted to appropriate $400 each year to fund announcements on NHPR in February. Laura will arrange the details.
5. Membership renewals are due October 1, 2013; $25 for smaller schools and $50 for those over 50 students. Checks are made out to NHMA and sent to Erin Woo (treasurer) 2445 Main St, Bethlehem, NH 03574. Gail Bannon, membership secretary, will handle reminders.
6. All workshops held by NHMA will provide hours for continuing education for New Hampshire professional development requirements. We are in the process of getting credit for the recent AMS professional development requirement.
Submitted by Chris Brown


We have a workshop planned for Saturday, October 19.

time:  9:00-4:00
place:  Arts Collaborative, 5 Winona Raod, Meredith NH 03253
9:00-12:00-Claire Doody on language
12:00-1:00-presentation review and networking over brown bag lunch
1:00-4:00-Cynthia Robinson on principles and techniques of art instruction
professional development hours: seven
cost:  $50.00/ members, $60.00 non-members

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
thank you,

NHMA Meetings

Notes from New Hampshire Montessori Association
Submitted by Chris Brown
Board meeting
Thursday July 26th at Southern New Hampshire Montessori Academy
Hosted and presented by Deb Hogan

Should we Join Facebook

This meets our stated mission of connecting with and educating interested parents, other teachers and the general population that may want to know more about Montessori.

It is being used by many different groups and already 50% of small and mid-size businesses have a facebook page

People use it to connect, but also to share information. There is also an increasing trend in using it to search for new information

We can develop a network for teachers, and add a blog that exchanges questions and answers to classroom issues. We list job openings and training opportunities, much like on the website. We can provide links to areas of interest and organizations.

This is very similar to the website, but people are already on and using Facebook and they would have to actively search for the website. This becomes a second string to the bow, one that is up and coming in popularity. The newest users are in the 55+ age group (that’s us!!!)

How it Works:

The owner of the page needs to contact people that “like” the page. The page is rather like a bulletin board..a quick synopsis of activities and information. (not loads of pictures, but would still need permission from parents to put any up). Couple of pictures with blurb underneath.

There is a balance of how much content should be added and when. The more activity there is on a page, the higher up the search engine it goes, but too much activity just makes people start to skip or hide your page.

Anyone that visits the page, can “like” it, or post a “comment”. These need to be monitored and removed if needed. Only allowed people can post. This should only be the officers right now. Can “message” others. This is private, like email. Limited to 144 characters.

A blog is more extensive. Often 2/3 paragraphs. Can either be done as a link from the page, or “live”. Teachers could subscribe to a feed, which would either give them an alert that they needed to check in, or give them the full text in the email.

A good way to begin the process is to set up the page and then have the launch as an “event”. Could send an email to parents (if for your own school) asking them to “like” the new page.

Deb has set up a page for NHMA.. She will provide a new email address, that she can monitor. The board can send her content. She will set it up and provide content for now until August 20th when we can review how it is looking and then take on specific responsibilities.



NHMA Annual Meeting
Saturday, June 2nd 2012 1.30 PM
1. Attendance:
Laura Mammarelli (president), Gail Bannon (membership secretary), Deb Hogan (IT
specialist), Chris Brown (recording secretary). Apologies from Erin Woo (treasurer) and Juliet
Fleisher (Vice President)
2. Minutes:
Review and acceptance of minutes from last meeting.
3. Reports from committees and officers:
a) Laura will forward updated Treasurer’s report to all attendees this week.
b) Membership secretary reports approx. 30 members in good standing.
c) IT reports that Constant Contact working well. A paragraph with photos about today’s
workshop will be circulated, after approval by President.
4. Old Business:
Officers are not due for re-election until Spring of 2013.
Teachers’ blog. Laura will contact website coordinator to set up. Teachers will need to
subscribe. Board members will then post at least one short entry each month to initiate use.
5. New Business:
a) Bylaws will be left as standing for now. Annual meeting will be continue to held in
Spring, without a workshop. Plans for the complete upcoming year will be made at these
b) Next meeting will hopefully be held at Bedford Montessori on August 20th, if MissE
Carolan is available on that date to run her Math update workshop. A meeting will be held
c) A request for notes on today’s workshop was discussed. Gail agreed to forward her
document and will refine the workshop. She may then possibly repeat at a later date.
Workshop paragraph will also be added to website.
d) The Board is exploring plans to move away from quarterly workshops to one all-day
session in mid-August each year. Board members will come to the August 20th meeting with
questions and ideas for this format. If approved, Gail Bannon volunteered to begin the work
of approaching good presenters.
e) Deb Hogan volunteered to set up a NHMA facebook page, as an added way for us to
expand our mission to raise awareness of Montessori around the state and to connect to
other Montessori teachers and schools. Members will have to have their own personal
facebook accounts to access this page and to post to it.
6. Meeting adjourned at 3.00 PM
Submitted by Christine Brown

NHMA Board Meeting 2011 Notes

Monday, June 13th 2011

Present: Laura Mammarelli (President), Erin Woo (Treasurer), Chris Brown (Secretary), Gail Bannon (Membership Secretary), Deb Hogan (IT guru!).
Principal agenda item: Website, uses and regular servicing.
A wide ranging discussion ensued on how we use the various current technologies to provide for the needs of the organization.

Principle items that were agreed on:
a) Website should provide a link between member schools and possible parents/employees.

b)Debra Hogan from Southern NH Montessori Academy agreed to maintain the website.

c) There is a need for authentic Montessori communication between teachers, and possibly between school administrators. Deb will set up a Constant Contact account for NHMA.  We will also make sure that communication from NHMA is tailored to our Montessori membership.
d) The possibility of a teachers’ blog that was discussed.  Also a monthly newsletter is being considered that would be posted on the website, again just once a month, with all relevant information in it, to avoid overloading members’ in-boxes too much.
Administrators may set up a “linked-in” account to communicate between each other. and once some of these changes are in place, we may use Survey Monkey to get feedback from members.

submitted by Chris Brown


March 2011 Meeting Notes



March 25, 2011

Newport Montessori School

Annual Meeting

Present:  Janice Nichipor, Sher Loomis, Juliet Fleischer, Erin Woo, Jordan McDaniel, Christy Whipple, Laura Mammarelli


1. We accepted the minutes from the last meeting.

2. We proposed that we have one person manage certain areas, with others contributing.

Membership-Gail Bannon

Website-Laura Mammarelli will work on bringing someone in on maintaining the website.

Workshop planning.

NHMA organization events.

3. Erin presented the financial information and the list of current members.

4. For Gail, Laura presented the new brochures Gail has designed and printed, costing the organization nothing.  They will be shared at meetings and mailed to schools to encourage members.  Gail will work on building membership in the summer.

5. Laura will work on compiling school information in an excel spread sheet during the summer. (Thank you to Carol Dodge at Newport Montessori for sharing her document that we can use).  We will work on updating the website.

6. We will discuss whether we want to continue with quarterly workshops, or try a larger, annual event, incorporating the annual meeting.

7. Members will vote by email for officers this month:

President-Laura Mammarelli

Vice president-Juliet Fleischer

Treasurer-Erin Woo

Secretary-Chris Brown

Membership coordinator-Gail Bannon.

8. The officers will meet in June to plan for the next year.

9. Those present felt that the statewide open house has not been as effective as expected-mostly because the scheduling is not convenient for different programs.

10. We would like to continue with participating in the International Day of Peace in September, which schools promote in their own communities.

11. When the next meeting is planned the announcement will be sent to the email list.


Submitted by Laura Mammarelli