November 2018

The Montessori Children’s School in Hanover, NH, seeks a Head of School to assume duties in time for the 2019/20 academic year.


The Montessori Children’s School is a private not-for-profit primary Montessori school for children ages 3-6, located on a beautiful campus in Hanover, New Hampshire. The School is an independent Montessori school which recognizes both the AMI and AMS certification. The governing body is a board of directors, which consists of current and former parents, as well as former heads of school. The Head of School works in concert with the board of directors to promote the school’s mission of creating a caring and nurturing educational environment for every child in the school.


The Head of School is responsible for promoting the school’s educational philosophy as well as administering the school’s operations. The responsibilities of the Head of School include:




The Head of School oversees all educational programs of the school. The Head of School:

  • works closely with teachers to coordinate curricula and to promote the Montessori philosophy;
  • supervises programs such as art education, nature education, music education, student performances and special events;
  • visits classrooms regularly to support teachers and students;
  • substitutes for classroom teachers when necessary;
  • maintains school discipline policy.




The Head of School is responsible for attracting prospective families to the school, through advertising and special events, and for making all enrollment decisions. This may also entail making decisions regarding financial aid or special payment plans.




The Head of School is responsible for hiring, supervising and supporting all teachers and staff.




The Head of School is the primary administrator of the school. Duties include:

  • managing the finances of the school, including working with the board of directors, especially the Treasurer, to develop an annual budget;
  • ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations;
  • supervising maintenance of school building and grounds;
  • determining the school calendar;
  • participating in board meetings;
  • securing insurance and, when necessary, legal counsel;
  • composing one annual fundraising letter;
  • and writing a weekly all school newsletter.


Parent relations:


The Head of School is responsible for fostering community among school parents. Duties include:

  • organizing school-wide events for families;
  • communicating with parents regarding school matters;
  • communicating with parents regarding their individual child’s growth and needs.


Health and Safety


The Head of School is responsible for the safety of students, teachers and staff.

Duties include:

  • administering first aid when necessary;
  • ensuring all teachers are BLS certified;
  • contacting emergency services when necessary;
  • organizing periodic fire drills and lock-downs;
  • determining weather-related school closings;
  • updating and maintaining illness-related attendance policy.




The Head of School position is a salaried position with (a) a contractual term of twelve months; (b) a 36+ hour work week; and (c) bi-monthly paychecks.  Vacation days include all school holidays, but the Head of School must work part-time over the summer months to ensure that admissions, staffing, building and grounds are all in order.


The Head of School is also expected to respond to emails promptly, to conduct phone conversations during normal working hours and sometimes in the evenings. Occasional evening and weekend work is required.




The head of school must:

  • have a college degree;
  • be certified by either the Montessori Association International or the American Montessori Society;
  • meet the requirements of Section He-C 4002.32(l) of the New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules




Salary for the position is $55-65K/year, depending on experience.




Candidates should send a cover letter and resume to board chair Ellen Rockmore, at