NH Montessori Association Spring Meeting

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Location:  Blue Heron School at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center
Route 113 & Route 3
Holderness NH 03245
968-7194 x 40

Seven hours of professional development
Cost-$60, $50 for members

8:45 arrival and sign in

9:00-12:00 Scott Noyes presentation*

12:00-1:00 Lunch and NHMA annual meeting

1:00-4:00 Scott Noyes*

Please bring your own lunch. Coffee, tea and snacks will be available.
Please contact Laura at
nhmontessori2007@gmail.com.  RSVPs help for planning, but you are welcome to join at the last minute too!

*Brain Development – Part 1
Theory, Application and Action Steps

Raising children is all about growing brains.

Does listening to Mozart make children smarter?
What’s up with Baby Einstein videos?
Do brain toys and early academic exposure work?
Does telling a child they are smart make them intelligent?
Why is empathy important in an evolving brain?

By examining the current research on infant and toddler brain development, this seminar works to develop the practical applications and action steps for child care providers. Understanding the difference between a stressed and an unstressed brain, boy brains and girl brains, and sensitive periods and critical periods, provides for many lively discussions addressing, “What does all this stuff mean?”

Feeding the Developing Brain

The more we know about the food and brain connection, the better choices we can make about the diet. Starting several million years ago, we had enough additional caloric energy through changes in lifestyle and diet to actually build a completely new section of brain. This new brain, the prefrontal cortex, plays key roles in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness. How is this structure best fueled? What are the ramifications of the brain not receiving its daily requirements of nutrients? This presentation looks at the food sources required to optimize the brain.

You can learn more about Scott at his website, empoweringprograms.com.