• Access to a community of like-minded educators, with members who are happy to discuss, problem-solve and support each other, through workshops and discussion.
  • Workshops & Key Note Speakers, to help renew our commitment to Montessori practices and to refresh our classrooms with new ideas and materials.
  • School placement on the NHMA website, with contact information and/or links to your own school website.
  • Ability to post current job openings on the NHMA website.
  • Access to the NHMA Facebook page, website and email list for communicating with teachers and schools throughout the state.
  • Being part of any future NHMA events that help to give Montessori a stronger, better understood presence both locally and state-wide in New Hampshire.

Just as our children are in various stages of development within our classrooms, we as teachers and schools are in our own stages of development. Both need careful observation, discussion and planning for the future growth and success of our own schools, and for Montessori schools in New Hampshire. Workshops are usually on Saturdays, and provide thought-provoking information, community, and a basis for the continued growth of the Montessori continuum.

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Annual dues are payable October 1st:

Small Schools (less than 50 students)$35.00
Large Schools (50+students)$70.00
Individual Memberships$20.00
Small School out of state$17.50
Large School out of state$35.00